Found in the Sunlight/ Revised release date April 24

What a beautiful day today! Is this the first
sign of spring at last? So different from yesterday which I wrote about below!

After swimming and Tai Chi this morning
and working a bit on a couple of pieces …adding the last few words to
my choral piece ‘Earth‘… I decided to face the dull day and brave a walk in
the cold! Walking by the river just now, lost in my thoughts I suddenly noticed
that the sun had appeared! I caught myself smiling as I saw the delicate
sunlight playing freely on the surface of the water. It reminded me of an
experience I’d  had many years ago standing by the sea in Portugal. It had
been a rather grey day and the mud flats looked dull and uninspiring. Suddenly
and quite unexpectedly (as just now) the sun burst through the cloud and the
mud was transformed into delightful gold textures with an unworldly air of
exquisite perfection

My thoughts then went to my forthcoming album, Found in the Sunlight, along
with a new insight into the significance of the title  and its meaning in
our lives… there is sunlight here to be found but we often have to have faith
and trust that it will shine into our lives when we need it!