NEWSFLASH: Helen’s third album, Found in the Winter, recently featured on ClassicFM as John Brunning’s ‘Drive Discovery’ Album of the Week, has just been released by the Divine Art Record Label.

About Helen Habershon

As a composer and clarinettist with a distinguished performance history, music has always been a part of Helen’s life and at a young age she was already winning composition prizes at local music competitions.

Helen then focused on performance where she went on to establish a career as an international clarinettist until a twist of fate resulted in her going back to serious composition. Unable to the play the clarinet for a couple of months due to two broken wrists she was allowed to play the piano. As a result she found herself hooked and the music began to flow from her pencil!

Her first two albums, Found in the Rain (2009) and Found in the Sunlight (2014) were immediately taken up by Classic FM as Album of the month and Album of the week respectively



Helen's Music

Helen currently has three cd's available for purchase from our shop or through Amazon and iTunes. Take a listen on SoundCloud or by them directly from here.