What an honour!

What an honour!
I’m so happy and excited that my 3rd album Found in Winter has had so many plays on Classic FM since its release in July 2019 when it was John Brunning’s ‘Drive Discovery of the Week.
To be played regularly amongst so many incredible composers is such a joy.

‘Found in the Rain’ has been Alan Titchmarsh’s ‘Great British Discovery,’ Simon Pitts ‘Cradle Classic’ and just a few days ago Bill Overton’s ‘Stress Buster.’
‘Far Out in the Ocean’ is also popular and you may have also heard it as a jingle.

Also, while I’m here I would like to add that hearing Classic FM’s beautiful playlists played by such uplifting presenters has really helped me and my family get through this very difficult and uncertain time ..as I’m sure it has for millions of other listeners.
Thank you Classic FM.