Finally…my own studio again after 8 years!

I am delighted to finally have my own space to work in after 8 years!
The piano is now all moved in and I’m in a state of disbelief! That I can go there at any time of day or night and be completely undisturbed is just amazing and it’s something I have hugely missed!

As Virginia Wolf said in her book ‘A Room of Your Own,’ having your own space is of paramount importance for any creative artist.

With all the craziness of Brexit going on around us and with the relentless media coverage making it seem like the main focus of our lives, it’s a wonderful blessing to become absorbed into the beautiful world of music…and an undeniable way of escaping from the challenging aspects of life! Personally I feel that having time to just switch off from the external world even for a short time gives us the much needed chance to reflect and get things into perspective. It also gives us the chance to re-evaluate issues and know which ones to let go of.