Love….Found in the Sunlight

Just been looking at some of my father’s poetry and it took me back to when he was in hospital with only a few weeks to live. I mentioned in a previous blog how much he had inspired me with my composition and writing. I wrote a piece called ‘Love‘ for him, now in new album Found in the Sunlight. As with the first track, Floating in the Clouds, as I wrote it, I knew that I was writing it for him! In some crazy way I felt that the music was helping him although I’m sure many people would think I’m totally mad!

I’m so happy that he was my father and I’ll always be grateful and proud of his legacy, both as a writer and in the gift of his wisdom and influence that I have been blessed with!

I would like to share a few of his absolutely beautiful and insightful ‘writings’ as he called them! My goal is to get all his writings published so that they can be shared by others who may also  be searching for more than what is offered and highly valued in the purely mechanistic world in which we find ourselves; that something that is impossible to label, that something that we may be  graced with if we are truly receptive and sincere. ..perhaps it can be found in beautiful music or simply being under a night sky looking up at the myriads of stars! He and I spoke sometimes of the great mystery and of that eerie, magical time as the dying sun gradually disappears into the horizon. It inspired two tracks in my new album: Night Sky and When the Sun Goes Down.

I thought it would be fitting to include my father’s poem below:


I watched The Sky

I watched the sky on fire

out on the Bude Sea

where the horizon imbued

with mystery

held the sinking sun

for those ten seconds of strange time

before bending down at

Nature’s age old command

letting day slip away.

I watched the blue sea

darken, yet, still alive

with a million little movements

it too gave way to earth’s rhythm

and eventually hid

behind a curtain of darkness

all around me inevitable night

calmed the daytime jangle, life itself in all aspects

quietened and grew peaceful.


More soon! Helen