Mountain Stream…Found in the Sunlight

Just spent some time in the mountains after a gap of eight years! There is such a wonderful feeling of truth and simplicity up there amongst the glistening white peaks, all is what it seems! I reflected that I’d written mountain stream (from new album Found in the Sunlight) not long after my last visit to this fairy tale world and I understood how the simple melody describes this simplicity. I found it wonderfully inspiring and moving to behold such beauty and wrote this at the top of the mountain:

The mountains hold truth tightly in their purity…

they speak to us in their deafening silence.

They are here for the long haul;

They know all things.

We skit around in our brief visit to planet earth with our own duality; we connect with the profound love and wisdom known and shared by the mountains, and with the profane…of trivia and egotistical fragmented existence!