New Album: Found in the Sunlight

Only a few weeks until my next CD, ‘Found in the Sunlight’, is launched! When I look back, it’s been an amazing journey from its conception until now! Many of the pieces were written around and just after the completion of my debut album ‘Found in the Rain’ and around the time of my father’s death.

I had been in a bit of a wilderness, not sure where my path would take me next. I sat with my father in my parents’ garden and he asked me how my writing and composition were going. I told him that I was finding it hard to really focus with many ideas coming but not feeling able to concentrate on one thing and stick to it.

The advice he went on to give me was like gold dust and I didn’t really look back after this rare time alone with him.

He suggested that I concentrate on my music for the time being and when I write, imagine I’m the last person on the planet… then express what I want to express! He told me I had a duty to use my talent and that the world needs my beautiful music!

Later that evening I wrote about this in my special book. I wrote:

‘Had a very special talk with my dad…it was amazing and he really has helped me so much ! I really do feel differently now and I know this is a turning point’. Watch this space!