News Flash

Very excited that I have now written the script of the first Act of my musical! I dreamt the idea about 12 years ago and have been ‘working’ on it on and off ever since. Some times I have completely abandoned it which happened while I was making my first two albums. But, like a smouldering volcano, it was never gong to go away!

Strangely, I was writing music as the story was developing but hadn’t realised immediately that the two things were linked!
When I compose I almost invariably find myself writing a title on the top of the page. These are totally inspired just as the music, and seem to come out of the ether!
The telling title was ‘Storm with Rainbow,’ a dialogue between my hero, Tom, and a gentle voice which assures him that his fears are unfounded! This was my eureka moment and then all the other titles fell into place. I knew this was a story with music!

Act 2 here we come! Watch this space!