New composition

Today I’ve been working at a new piece which I have entitled ‘Day of judgement’! It’s an unusual title for me but it somehow seems right so I’m going with it. I’ve finished the first movement and started the second… I’ve actually done an improvisation for the second so the next stage is finding a structure from it and writing it down! Right now it is written for piano but I’m quite excited at the thought of it being developed into an orchestral piece eventually! The wonderful thing about composing is the ability to be free and adventurous … for me nothing is planned except perhaps an initial idea or inspiration like a poem…

In my next blog I’m going to be talking about a few more of the tracks from my new album, Found in the Sunlight  (release date April 21st) and what they mean to me etc.

I’m also going to tell you about how, on the day of recording,  we woke up to a fairy world… the garden was completely white, covered in glistening, gleaming sunlit snow…so  beautiful but would we manage to get to the recording studio????